A happy new year (2021)

It’s now time to celebrate a whole new year! I’m writing this to all our users and audience by wishing you a beautiful year to come. I know we have passed a quite hard and unprecedented year in 2020.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) that affected a lot of small to large businesses. Even us we have been affected and now have changed into a remonte work policy to ensure our employees safety and in accordance to government regulation in Canada (where we are based).

But enough of this year. Now let’s turn the page into a brand new one. I would like to write in this blog post about the new year and our plan and expectations.

There’s some many things to coming out in the next few months. We have been working on new features to come. We won’t be able to say too much about it due that they are not yet completed and as you know might know with previous releases some feature didn’t quite make it.

To avoid any other misleading information, we decided to only communicate on features that will be released 100% (like confirmed, and build).

As always, we will work into improving our product and making sure we are building the best tools.

We have an internal roadmap for 2021 that and hope everything is accomplished. Nothing much will change, but sure there’s improvements to do and we will listen to your feedbacks.

That’s pretty much all, folks!

We and I (Wali, CEO) wish you an amazing year in 2021 with health, wealth and happiness!

Stay safe out there!

Wali and the Jitt’s team!

Written at 1:31AM EST – CANADA (31/12/2020).

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