A new pricing structure for all our plans.

Today, we are happy to introduce a new pricing strategy and structure to all our plans. By implementing this we allow our customer to have much more choice than before.

As of today, Sessions Replays and Visitors Events won’t count as a separated quota and it will counts towards your pageviews limits. We have introduced a few new plan under the Standard and Enhanced+ plan.

Standard+ plan can now go up to 400K.

  • The first 100k cost $14, then for each increment of 100k it cost $10 more (e.g. 200K pageviews will cost $24 per month).
  • 300K pageviews cost $34 per month.
  • 400K pageviews cost $44 per month.

Enhanced+ allows you to now go up to 2 millions pageviews (each websites) for two websites profile at $99 per month.

By subscribing to an annual plan, you save the price of one month!

If you compare this to other web analytics provider this is the best price on the market for what you get and all that features.

These new updated will allow us to reach a much more wider audience and customers. Giving you the most flexibility.



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