Announcing HTTPS protocol support only. (coming soon)

Good day everyone,

Today we are announcing that Jitt will make the switch over HTTPS only supported website soon.

As an analytics privacy-focused company, we really care about our clients and your clients privacy. This is why we are planning to ditch the support of regular HTTP within the following months.

Giving enough people to adapt to the change. For now there’s won’t be any changes, but this announcement act as a reminder to switch your website to HTTPS.

Jitt will soon activated HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on the infrastructure. By doing this, we will enforce anything that connect to our website to be HTTPS compatible.

If your website isn’t HTTPS compatible when Jitt will activated on the network infrastructure, our servers will reject any connections that isn’t coming from secure protocol.

This means, your traffic won’t be analyzed by the platform anymore. This change is due to protect our clients privacy and your customers privacy too.

Q: What will affect me now?

A: As of now, nothing. But when we will switched over the strict HTTPS policy, your traffic that isn’t coming from secured protocol won’t be analyzed and tracked anymore.

Q: What should I do?

A: The best would be to react as soon as possible. The solution is pretty easy. You need to install on your web server what we call a SSL certificate that is issued by a CA (Certificate Authority)

A CA is a company that issue these kind of SSL certificate that enable HTTPS on your website. There’s free SSL and paid SSL.

The difference is mostly with the insurance warranty they offer. Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) do not offer these compensation if a data breach occur on your server instance.

Paid SSL such as DigiCert, GlobalSign or Sectigo offers compensation depending on the SSL product type.

In terms of encryption, they are pretty much all the same or at the same level.

Q: There’s DV (Domain Validation), EV (Extended Validation), Wildcard SSL. I don’t know what to choose?

A: Well, it really depend on your needs. Here are some brief description on what really differentiate them.

DV: This is the simplest, quickest way to secure your website. A DV SSL certificate allows you to verify the domain holder and ensure it’s legitimate. This type of SSL offer basic validation and only requires you to confirm that the requester who requesting the certificate is the owner of the domain name.
EV: Mostly business oriented due to its reason being more advanced on it’s validation process designed for business that are registered. Which means a more serious business. Before browser used to show a green bar to show when there’s was an EV SSL installed to confirm the business legitimacy to the client (browser). Nowadays, Google Chrome and most of the browser doesn’t show anymore that green bar that used to increase trust and as well increase sell. The value of EV dropped due to this change, since now it act just as what a DV does. Showing a Pad lock on some browsers.
Wildcard: If you want to secure more than one web address under one domain (sub-domain) such as,,, Then you should choose a Wildcard SSL which allow you to secure more than one domain.

Do you research, since a Wildcard SSL can varies between paid SSL CA.

Q: What will happen after the deadline?

A: Your website audience won’t be tracked anymore. You will need to install a SSL certificate.

Q: I need help installing my SSL certificate!

A: Unfortunately, this is not something we can’t help you. You should contact your service provider (Bluehost, GoDaddy, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, etc) for further more assistance.

ATTENTION: Some service provider gives SSL to their customers. Please contact them for more information regarding their SSL.

Additional charges may apply.

Q: Is there anything date?

A: Starting 1st January 2021, Jitt will only support SSL only website. Existing website will still be shown on your account, but won’t track any data.

New websites after this date would need HTTPS to be enable.

We hope this clarify our decision. We are always looking to improve our clients experience.


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