Announcing Session Replays

Good day everyone!

Today, we are happy to announce Sessions Replays in Beta for everyone. Our new feature allows you to see the journey of your visitors throughout their visit on your website. It work just like a screen recorder.

We highly focused on privacy by not tracking or recording any input. As of now all plans can record up to 1,500 session replays with up to 30 minutes each. The retention policy related to this feature is linked to the general data retention policy in your account.

To access this feature, you’ll find a new tab with a video cam recorder icon which will allow you to view your sessions.

Make sure to enable Session Replays in your Website Profile (click here for more information)

This is great to analyze how they behaves with your website and content which can help you understand obstruction in your conversion process. This feature is currently in Beta which means bugs may prevent you to use the feature, but be assured that we are working to improve it on a daily basis and part of our weekly scheduled maintenance.

This also means that this feature isn’t covered within our Service Level Agreement. You should not rely on critical businesses at this moment.

At this moment, this is the pretty much what we have to share. If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback or comments.


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