How to improve your website loading speed?

Loading is a crucial thing nowadays. Who wants to waste time for a page to load? Most of the time, if not always, your visitors won’t wait more than 5 seconds until they leave because your website isn’t fast enough.

If you sell stuff online it is much more dangerous for your business to have a slow or average loading website. Of course there’s things you can’t control such as bad internet connection or low speed cellular data. Even though these factors aren’t in your control doesn’t mean that you can deny them.

Website speed comes in two things:

  • Content Delivery Network (also known as a CDN)
  • Website improvements

Content Delivery Network:

We have briefly talked about what is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) in our WooCommerce and Shopify article.

To speed up the loading time a CDN is recommended. Yes, you can use CloudFlare, but CDN are not all the same. CloudFlare does not offer you a lot of custom parameters. The big guys need special settings to maximize loading pages. Amazon CloudFront by example allows you to customize your Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as HTTP headers and cache invalidation, heavy integration and CloudFront also works with live streaming content.

CloudFlare does also offer streaming content delivery but it is billed by the number of views.

Most of the CDN are billed per GB data transferred, so each time a user visits your website it is consuming data to deliver assets, content and other static and no static object to the end-user.

A CDN allows you to speed up the loading page (which is crucial for a good user experience, because who loves waiting 5 seconds for a page to be loaded.) by duplicating the content (e.g. images) that your site (in that case your e-commerce site) has to load throughout a huge network of data centers around the world.

How does it work?

Instead of connecting to the main server where your site is hosted by example in Australia. It will connect to a server that is hosting the content on a nearby server of the end-user (visitor).

That explains pretty much what a CDN is and how it works.

Website Optimization:

Even having the most powerful CDN in the world doesn’t mean it will do the whole job for you. You will still need to do some hand work to optimize your website to your CDN or things that the service can’t do.

While developing your website you can use libraries that use a CDN based distribution such as, (Google Hosted Libraries) or anything other hosted libraries.

Try also to reduce not required CSS line, style files, images size and overhaul backend files size. You can also launch Google PageSpeed Insights or GTXmetrix to see your changes live.

Using the latest web component such as SCSS or webm for your videos can also improve your user experience. These new or alternative to your web standard for development and creative format are meant for the new era of the web.

A fast website means a good SEO ranking.

Having a good loading page allows you to be friendly with Search Engines such as Google or Bing. To have a relevant and good user experience for their visitors, Google will now rank higher on websites that have a good website loading page.

You can base your optimization with Google PageSpeed Insights to have a better view of what Google’s algorithm is looking for.

Make your website responsive to mobile and desktop.

Having one website is better than having two different websites for mobile and regular view such as desktop. The era for is now gone.

Having a mobile website can affect your loading page, since you need to identify what device your visitor is using then redirect to the mobile version such as

You can also make your mobile website AMP compatible. I guess you wonder what is AMP? This is the abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source framework and technology developed and supported by Google to improve the performance of loading speed for your website.

An AMP optimized website dramatically improves performance and speed. It is unbelievable how fast you can see loading.


We hope that this article will help you optimize your website and bring more customers by improving your user experience.

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