Introducing a new navigation interface to make your experience simpler and some other updates.

Today, we are introducing a small update to the user interface as we always thrive to make our users’ lives more enjoyable with our platform.

Here are some of the changes that happened this week.

We understand, listen and take action.

We ran some A/B testing in live production about a new change that would affect free users under the Basic plan only. Under this type of account, users would see a dialogue box advising them to check out our premium and paid offering.

We received some feedback about our users and to make it short, they didn’t like it. At Jitt, we want to offer a great user experience to our clients. We revert back to the change and remove the dialogue box.

A new navigation bar to make it easier to navigate.

We pushed a new navigation bar for our clients. These changes bring more accessibility and a cleaner look, which results in better navigation between all the features.

The big benefit is on the responsive side. Giving more space to view comfortably the data and content compared to the older UI.

This is due to the change of placement and position. In the older UI (User Interface). The menu was on the vertical side, but on the new UI, it is now below which acts as a submenu of the website. Giving more space to the actual content since it is not taking space on the left side.

Make it more easier and enjoyable to read and navigate.

To conclude

We hope these new changes and/or improvements would make your experience as a client more enjoyable.

Thank you!

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