Introducing Basic API and Commercial API and the revamped Docs.

Today, we are introducing some big changes for our users. We are introducing changes to the API and our new documentation center who we successfully migrated toward the new platform (CMS).


We are introducing two tiers for our API. The Basic API and the Commercial API available as an add-on to complement our API offering for businesses using our web analytics platform.

Our Basic API included with all our Pro plans variants now includes:

  • 10K per months requests towards any endpoints combined.
  • A rate limit at endpoints of 100 requests per minutes.

Our Commercial API which is available as an add-on under our new program Jitt for Developers which enable critical usage of our API for businesses that requires a robust and reliable API for high usage.

That includes:

  • No rate limit define to endpoints.
  • Volume pricing based on requests per month.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) at endpoints for a standard uptime of 99,95% per six months.
  • Dedicated support for API related issues.

As of today, the change would affect everyone using the API.

A new home for Docs (Documentation Center)

The new home for our docs is now available. After being offline for about 48 hours to give us enough time to migrate everything under the new CMS (platform).

The new documentation center would be home of the new Jitt for Developer API which is part of the Commercial API. Giving you all the ressources needed to get the most of the API.

To conclude…

We hope these new improvements would be you to get the most of the API feature.

Thank you again for reading this article and see you soon!

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