Introducing Goals & Conversions and Email Reports.

Today, we are introducing two new features that are for us essentials. We are happy to announce Goals and Email Reports on a weekly basis. In this blog article, you’ll find a bit more information about these features.

Goals and Conversions:

We have implemented the features of goals and conversions which we think is a good way to measure how many people do an action such as placing an order, submitting or signing up a form.

We introduced two way of creating goals. One which is based on page view and another one with a pretty much more in-depth integration.

There’s two methods:

  • Pageviews allows you to track conversions and goals through a finalization page such as Thank you page after the user has successfully done an action (e.g. placing an order get you redirected to a Thank you page).
  • Custom Events allows you to track pretty much everything that is not trackable with page views. It offers a much more advanced and customizable tracking that can be easily integrated within a web app.

Find more information here.

Email Reports:

You can now get a weekly overview of what happened during the week by receiving an email telling you the latest news, updates and trends about your websites.

Such as more or less page views than the week before, general data about your audience on sessions and numbers of visitors, etc. The email will only show you a small overview of what changed.

As always we brought few bug fixes and improvement to Jitt.

Let us know on the feedback tab your comments, we are excited to heard back from you.

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