Introducing multi-site plans.

Good day everyone!

Today, we are introducing something new to our plan offering. It has been requested a lot and we are delivering it today.

As a part to improve our customer experience and offer the best analytics tools for our users. Since the launch of Jitt in March 2020, we had only single website plans. This means that when you had more than one website to track with Jitt, you would need to create a different accounts for each websites which might complicated stuff.

Now that we have introduced our multi-site plans! This means you can subscribe to plan that offer more website profiles to be added into one single subscription.

As of today (25th September 2020), our following plans:

200K Pageviews, 300K Pageviews and the free plan will now offer multi-site plans of up to 10 websites profiles and the basic free plan up to two websites profiles. Price will vary on how many websites you will want to add.

Please refer to our pricing page to know the exact pricing. 

All features of a plan would be available on both websites profiles. Pageviews won’t be shared between the websites profiles and they will both have the same amount of pageviews.

Let’s say you have chosen the 200K Pageviews for three websites. This means all three websites would have 200K Pageviews per month.

You also save when you purchase a multi-site plans. You can also decide to upgrade to a higher multi-site plans at anytime.

We hope these changes would make your life easier when using Jitt!


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