It’s almost time to make the switch!

Good day folks,

Today, we are posting this blog post as a friendly reminder regarding our post about dropping support for all non-SSL websites. The deadline is the 1st January 2021, since it’s almost time we decided to give you few tips to make the switch seamless.

To understand what you can do to make the switch, we highly suggest you to read our complete and excellent guide here

You’ll find all tips to make the switch seamless over SSL. There’s quite few benefits as well to switch over the secure protocol. It can go from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to enforcing data encryption over clients.

Even if your website doesn’t sell anything or collect data having SSL increase your ranking on Google, secure your audience traffic between their device and your servers, etc.

Again read our initial post about SSL, you’ll find a lot of ressources and informations about HTTPS and SSL certificat. Don’t make the mistake, you have up to 1st January 2021 to make the switch. 

Otherwise, we won’t be able to track any audience data from non-SSL websites.

We hope this friendly reminder will give you enough time to switch over SSL if you haven’t done it yet. Keep in mind that we won’t be able to make unique exception since it is a systemwide update and change.

If there’s no other future post we wish you happy holidays and see you in 2021!


Your Jitt team!

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