Jitt introduces a more affordable Premium pricing plan and launching its Blog

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, online form builders have become indispensable tools for businesses and individuals alike. Simplifying data collection, lead generation, and feedback processes, these platforms are pivotal for streamlining workflows.

Jitt is synonymous with flexibility and power, empowering users to create custom online forms effortlessly.

In an exciting move, Jitt has taken a giant leap forward by reducing its Premium pricing plan from $79 USD to an incredibly competitive $39 USD. This strategic shift aims to make their platform more affordable and cost-effective, thereby broadening access to their cutting-edge form-building capabilities.


The decision to revise their Premium pricing plan to $39 USD marks a turning point for Jitt.

Recognizing the importance of catering to a wider audience, Jitt has demonstrated their commitment to democratizing access to advanced online form building tools. The reduced pricing plan ensures that businesses, startups, educational institutions, non-profits, and individuals can harness the full potential of Jitt’s feature-rich platform without straining their budgets.

With this significant reduction, Jitt endeavours to position itself as the most affordable, cost-effective premium online form builder on the market. By maintaining an unwavering focus on user needs, Jitt is striving to foster sustainable growth and success for all its users, regardless of their size or scale.

Unleashing Flexibility and Power

Jitt is designed for its user-friendly interface, which empowers individuals and teams with varying technical expertise to craft visually stunning and functional online forms. With a wide array of form elements, customizable templates, and seamless integration capabilities.

With the Premium pricing plan now more accessible, users can unlock a plethora of advanced features. From conditional logic and multi-page forms to payment integration and custom branding, Jitt equips users with an unprecedented level of flexibility. By enabling users to tailor their forms to their specific requirements, Jitt ensures that each form is a true reflection of its creator’s vision.

Empowering Growth and Innovation

Affordability and power go hand in hand with growth and innovation. Jitt seeks to be the catalyst for organizations and individuals aiming to break new ground. With the reduced Premium pricing plan, startups and small businesses can establish a strong online presence without overburdening their resources.

This cost-effective platform grants them the opportunity to gather valuable insights, leads, and feedback that will propel their growth trajectory.

Furthermore, educational institutions and non-profit organizations can leverage Jitt’s platform to streamline processes and enhance data collection for research and impact assessment. By offering an affordable solution, Jitt is fostering a culture of innovation and excellence across various sectors.

The Launch of Jitt’s Blog

In conjunction with the revamped pricing plan, Jitt is thrilled to announce the launch of its official blog. The blog will serve as a knowledge hub, featuring insightful articles, tutorials, and case studies on form building, data collection, and best practices. This resourceful platform aims to empower users with the knowledge and skills required to maximize the potential of Jitt’s online form building platform.

Through the blog, Jitt aspires to foster a vibrant community of form-building enthusiasts, where ideas can be exchanged, and experiences can be shared. Users will gain valuable insights from industry experts, stay updated on the latest trends, and uncover innovative ways to optimize their form-building endeavours.


Jitt decision to reduce its Premium pricing plan from $79 USD to $39 USD is a way to make our platform a more cost-effective and affordable platform in the world of online form builders.

By making our platform more affordable and accessible, Jitt has demonstrated its commitment to supporting businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and individuals in their quest for powerful and flexible form-building solutions.

With an array of advanced features at their disposal, users can now explore the full potential of Jitt’s platform, unearthing new possibilities for growth and innovation. Furthermore, the launch of the official blog solidifies Jitt’s position as not just a form-building platform but a knowledge hub, nurturing a community of like-minded individuals driven by the pursuit of excellence.

In conclusion, Jitt is well-poised to enhance the form-building landscape, propelling users towards unprecedented success while maintaining a focus on affordability and user-centricity. As the digital realm continues to evolve, Jitt remains at the forefront, empowering its users to achieve their goals with flexibility, power, and ingenuity.

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