New brand identity (logo) announcement.

Good day everyone,

Today is quite an exciting day since we are happy to reveal our new logo to the public. Our brand identity changed over the past months and it was time to give a refresh to our logo.

We have been working quite hard to come clean, but yet something that does define what we are doing easily to our clients, users and end-users.

Our old logo was quite simple as well, but we wanted to align our logo to whatever business segment we are in. As we only focus on web analytics solutions we have come up with a logo that defines our business more directly.

Our new logo adopts the same flat design, but the colour totally changed to match our brand colour kit which is blue and black as the primary colour and sometimes another colour out of the range to compliment the base kit of colours. The older logo had blue, purple and red that represented the three circles (which represented the three features of the platform; audience analytics, heatmap and session replays).

The new logo had been created to make it more obvious to make people understand what we are doing. As you can see below the new logo contains two squares superpositioned one in blue and the other one in grey with a static/graph icon that represents graph/statistics.

When will the new logo be rolled out?

As you can already see the new logo rolled out overnight within the most popular place. Some places may still show the old logo, but we are working hard to replace the old logo where it is still visible.

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