New website, new design. A lot improvements coming soon!

Good Friday everyone!

Today, we are launching our new website design for our website which includes a faster, user-friendly design based on the greatest standard of web design and accessibility improvements on the small screen and larger screens as well.

We are quite happy to launch it today since we have been working for a quite long time! Even if we changed the website design a few months prior that was a temporary design until that we launch this new layout.

The new website follows the greatest standard of web design. Built to be at least 40% faster than the previous landing page and being more user-friendly to navigate.

There are quite some improvements that were done to make the website a more elegant, classic, and accessible design.

  • A new font was used to make it more readable for people with eye disabilities. A font designed to be matched with contrast colors such as black which is quite predominant on the new website.
  • Button colors were chosen to make it more obvious as a CTA (Call to Action) button to be more user-friendly.
  • Based on Bootstrap 4, the website is using the greatest and most used web design layout. Compared to the previous website which was running on a heavily modified version of Bootstrap, we decided to remove a lot of stuff to make it more lightweight and faster to load.
  • A more elegant and pleasing website design with less text and more essential data to make the content more user-friendly.
  • A more straight-to-the-point website compared to the previous landing page.

The new design won’t affect the UI of the actual application as of now or in a near future.

We also wanted to communicate a teaser about one of the features that we’re asked a lot by the community here.

We won’t reveal it today, but it is something regarding developers and third-party applications. We won’t say too much since it would be quite obvious what we are talking about here!

Stay tuned for more information about this.

The French version of the new website is also available.

Other than that, we would also want to get feedback about the new website as well. Hoping to hear from you guys!

We hope everyone would love the new website!

Thank you for your the time to read this announcement!

The whole Jitt team!

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