Nous sommes maintenant disponible en Français!

Bonjour, Nous somme fière d’annoncer une bonne nouvelle pour nos clients francophone. Après quelques mois de travaille acharner à traduire la plateforme, nous sommes maintenant disponible en Français. Nous avons considéré que la plateforme est maintenant arrivée à un stade de maturité pour la traduction du site web. C’est pour cela, nous souhaitons vous annoncez que la…… Continue reading Nous sommes maintenant disponible en Français!

A happy new year (2021)

It’s now time to celebrate a whole new year! I’m writing this to all our users and audience by wishing you a beautiful year to come. I know we have passed a quite hard and unprecedented year in 2020. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) that affected a lot of small to large businesses. Even us we…… Continue reading A happy new year (2021)

Introducing multi-site plans.

Good day everyone!Today, we are introducing something new to our plan offering. It has been requested a lot and we are delivering it today.As a part to improve our customer experience and offer the best analytics tools for our users. Since the launch of Jitt in March 2020, we had only single website plans. This…… Continue reading Introducing multi-site plans.

Announcing HTTPS protocol support only. (coming soon)

Good day everyone,Today we are announcing that Jitt will make the switch over HTTPS only supported website soon.As an analytics privacy-focused company, we really care about our clients and your clients privacy. This is why we are planning to ditch the support of regular HTTP within the following months.Giving enough people to adapt to the…… Continue reading Announcing HTTPS protocol support only. (coming soon)

Update #001

Well, it’s been a while we haven’t post nothing on our blog, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love to talk Y’ALL!We were focused on improving our product and developing features. We brought some changes that you guys might have already seen and that’s what we going to talk about it.New Pricing Structure:We did meetings…… Continue reading Update #001