Sessions Replays BETA 1.02: Improvements and changes to monthly allowance depending on your plan & API announcement.

Good day everyone,

Today, we are announcing some changes about the Sessions Replays feature on our platform. The following changes would be applicable as of right now.

Sessions Replays

The following plan has been revisited regarding the Sessions Replays monthly allowance that were set to 1,500 replays per month. As you may already know this feature is currently in Beta and as the time past improvements and big fixes are pushed to arrive to a more final version for production run.

This feature is well built and is quite stable, but not as per our standard in terms of SLA (Service Level Agreement) at Jitt.

You can still use Sessions Replays since bugs are quite rare, but it act mostly as a disclaimer that this feature is not yet part of any SLA that we offer.

As of today, 5th May 2021 we are introducing the following revision to the allowance that would affect all the users and new users:

Free/Basic plan would go from 1,500 replays per month simultaneously to 250 per month simultaneously.

Standard plan plan would go from 1,500 replays per month simultaneously to 500 per month simultaneously.

Pro plan would not be impacted by this change and will remain to 1,500 replays per month simultaneously.

We consider that the feature is coming near to a production standard level. Allowance and pricing may change and varies in the future.


As we have talked and teased about this new feature on our last post. Some users may have seen a new tab in their account settings or menu called API.

API (an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface) allows you to retrieve data and integrate our platform to third-party apps.

The new API is based on the well known REST API architecture. All request are sent to endpoints and returns a JSON response with the standard HTTP response codes (200, 500, 401, etc…).

The API is currently available for Pro plans and Enterprise clients (under custom dedicated plans).

The new API is simple and easy to use. Allowing you to integrate and use data from your audience directly on your favorite or custom application by using our secure and easy to integrate API.


We hope our new announcement would help you get the most of Jitt. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to @jitthq on Twitter.

Thanks again for your attention and reading this blog.

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