How web analytics can help your business?

In this article, we will explain you… Why does web analytics is so important for your online business? Nowadays, businesses rely more than ever on their website to generate leads, sales or increase their visibility. Some parts of the article does only reference features only available on Jitt’s all-in-one web analytics solutions. But what is…… Continue reading How web analytics can help your business?

Introducing new pricing !

Good day everyone! Today, we are implementing new pricing after reviewing them for over a year we decided to reduce our pricing of about in average 40% of the original pricing. This is a great news as we switching towards probably a new business strategy for the good our clientele. As we currently trying to…… Continue reading Introducing new pricing !

A happy new year (2021)

It’s now time to celebrate a whole new year! I’m writing this to all our users and audience by wishing you a beautiful year to come. I know we have passed a quite hard and unprecedented year in 2020. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) that affected a lot of small to large businesses. Even us we…… Continue reading A happy new year (2021)

We took a new approach for our client privacy.

Yesterday, we had introduced two new features that allowed us to offer much more value-added features to our solutions.Today, we are taking a new approach to our clients and their users privacy by now not capturing and gathering data about any email, tel types of fields and also any field which might have other personal details…… Continue reading We took a new approach for our client privacy.

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Introducing Goals & Conversions and Email Reports.

Today, we are introducing two new features that are for us essentials. We are happy to announce Goals and Email Reports on a weekly basis. In this blog article, you’ll find a bit more information about these features.Goals and Conversions:We have implemented the features of goals and conversions which we think is a good way…… Continue reading Introducing Goals & Conversions and Email Reports.

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Why Analytics matter a lot on e-commerce market?

Why Analytics matter in the modern age of business?Nowadays, every business or pretty much most of the business has made a switch over the e-commerce world. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce are the most known e-commerce SaaS (Software as a Service) in the market.Why are they so popular? Because almost everyone can start a business…… Continue reading Why Analytics matter a lot on e-commerce market?

Welcome to our blog!

We have introduced a blog to improve our communication with our clients and users around the world. We’re happy to announce that we will share more updates, announcements and posts about Jitt on a weekly basis.Powered by Tumblr (thanks to the team at Tumblr) to providing us a blogging tools. User’s can share their feedback…… Continue reading Welcome to our blog!

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