Update #001

Well, it’s been a while we haven’t post nothing on our blog, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love to talk Y’ALL!

We were focused on improving our product and developing features. We brought some changes that you guys might have already seen and that’s what we going to talk about it.

New Pricing Structure:

We did meetings and meetings, obviously social distancing meeting just to make it clear. Thanks to Google Meet!

We reviewed all suggestions and reduced our pricing to focus more on general businesses and create a new segment product called Jitt Enterprise On-Cloud. Some of you know this existed before, but since this week we started putting more work in our Enterprise analytics solution.

Our new pricing is more attractive and much more simple and this came with a new simplified pricing page.

We have significant reduce our pricing and no worries our annual plan is still there! For now you just need to log in to see the preferred pricing for annual plan.

Check this out here!

Bugs improvements:

As everything single time we pushed an update to our production software, bugs and bugs we fixed to enhanced your experience in our last scheduled maintenance.

Ad-Supported Account:

To offset the cost of operating free account under the Basic (formerly known as Standard) account, we though by adding ads will allows us to pay for these accounts. After testing this for a few days, we finally on Friday, 31st July 2020 to just remove them since it annoys customers experience.

Plan name change:

As we mentioned on the last paragraph, the free plan has a new name called Basic. The Standard plan that used to be our free plan has a new job! It is now our entry paid plan.

In some place you’ll still see Standard as referred as our free plan and we are aware of this problem. Our product team is now removing and replacing the name to Basic such as on Docs.

That’s all for this blog! We hope you’ll enjoy those changes. 

Stay safe!

Your Jitt team 🙂

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